Transcending the Plate

27 Sep

Tanizaki describes “magical food” as food that is tasted with one’s entire body. Count G, seeking pleasure, wanders upon a meal that provides him with an overwhelming sensation. His whole body is devoted into the act of tasting the food; every sense is concentrated on this meal. Magical food transports you into the world of its flavors. The foreign nature of this food adds to its wonder. These flavors provide a palette unlike anything he has ever experienced. One similar foodie that comes to mind is the rat in the film Ratatouille. There is a sequence when he eats fruit and is transported into a world of food. Reality melts away as he combines flavors to create something truly extraordinary. Magic is about being transported, about transcending reality into a heaven of one’s self. A good film makes one forget about the world outside the theatre. A magical piece of music makes one close his eyes and feel the music.

A restaurant that truly transported me was Mala in Maui, Hawaii. This magical place is located right on the ocean, and at sunset, looks truly beautiful. The food is fresh, innovative, and extraordinary. We ordered and shared many appetizers and were in awe as we tasted the food. Each dish was a world unto itself. Everyone’s entrees were equisite as well. There were times in the meal when nobody said a word, and there were times when people enthused about how delicious their meal was. Afterwards, everyone sat in ecstasy at what had just happened to them. Truly a “magical” meal.

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