16 Sep

Fukuoka was a purist who believes in simplicity. At a young age, he underwent an existential realization. Based off the idea that “In this world there is nothing at all…” (Fukouka 8), Fukouka constructed a way to cook naturally. Without the use of chemicals and technology, he keeps his food pure. Instead of tirelessly mending his farm and forcing the plants to grow, he allows them to grow naturally. This minimalist style sharply contrasts that of the new “foodie” culture.

In today’s culture, there is an AKM (alternative knowledge movement) that is sweeping the world. A large group of the young generation is increasingly concerned with being “hip” and self-aware. Companies like Apple are dominating the youth market, with advertisements designed to attract young audiences. With a young generation that is increasingly self aware, the way food is presented and being consumed is rapidly changing. On television, there are entire networks dedicated to food and food competitions being watched by millions. Thousands flock to follow food trucks, fervently checking their websites. This new culture is obsessed with food. Priding themselves on their heightened tastes, these foodies document their culinary adventures, critically judging and savoring each bite. Foodies enjoy gourmet food and want to improve their experience.

These two mindsets vary greatly. Fukouka takes a pure approach to eating: he lets his crops grow on their own and eats very simple foods. Flavor isn’t as important as survival and nutrition. The “foodie” culture actively searches for new flavors. Fukouka has a sense of natural cooking, whereas the foodies want to maximize their enjoyment, savoring the little moments of true bliss.

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