Frog and Turtle, Anyone?

16 Sep

My mom’s cooking is very traditional. She cooks all the “real Chinese food” everyone longs for in restaurants, and all her recipes come from watching my grandmother cook. I did not realize how traditional her meals were until the day she served frog fried rice and turtle soup. That was also the meal during which I experienced firsthand for the first time that Chinese people really can eat anything.

Frog fried rice and turtle soup are essentially made without any preservatives or chemicals. My mom bought the frog and turtle fresh(?), and whole,  from the Chinese market. I think Fukuoka would be proud. Not only is the food natural, but they are also very nutritious, according to my mom. Fukuoka critiques the “foodie” because they value taste over all else when eating a meal or dish, while he thinks that nutrition should be a consumer’s first priority.

The uniqueness of frog fried rice and turtle soup may appeal to a “foodie” searching for something new to try. A very adventurous “foodie” might give these dishes a shot if they were not at first turned off by the thought of eating frog or turtle. However, I cannot imagine the average “foodie” enjoying these foods, because the taste is nothing too special. Frog almost tastes like chicken, as “chicken” happens to be part of a frog’s name in Chinese, while turtle has no specific or special flavor and just adds a more fresh or seafood-like quality to the soup.

The meal was certainly interesting and healthy with these two dishes, but I do not think Fukuoka would approve of our next course of actions–the main dishes the next night was porkchops and Costco salmon.

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