“Organic” Foods

15 Sep

To all those people who insist on eating only an all-organic diet, here’s news for you: organic food isn’t always healthier than non-organic food. Sometimes, it can actually be less healthy. The fruits and vegetables labeled “organic” in supermarkets are oftentimes misleading. Organic refers to all the chemicals and pesticides used when growing them, even if they don’t actually come in contact with the part to be eaten. With fruit, for example, inorganic and highly effective pesticides and attractive scents are applied next to the fruit, to draw insects away from the fruit. Because these chemicals aren’t organic, the fruit itself is not labeled as organic. When using organic pesticides, however, they must be applied directly onto the fruit. In other words, the organic fruit actually has more chemicals on it than the non-organic one.

So, it seems like strictly adhering to a regimen of just organic foods can actually be counterproductive. That isn’t to say that organic foods are bad for your health. It’s just that the foods labeled as “organic” in the supermarkets may not be as healthy or all-natural as expected. This relates to Fukuoka’s idea of how commercial influences in the exchange of food get in the way of people eating the healthy, affordable food they want and deserve. Things are made more complicated than they need to be.

That the food industry tries to make more profit by labeling things as organic reflects a trend towards the organic foods by the population. This kind of increasing demand for organic foods is driven by the organic-food die-hards. Just like the “foodies” of the Meiji era who favored beef over traditional Japanese meats; those who stay on organic-only diets represent powerful trends in food culture. Thanks to their efforts, organic foods may become the norm in the future, just as beef has become so popular in Japan in modern times.


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