Foodies Never Turn Back

15 Sep

   In Fukuoka Masanobu’s words, the modern dining habits are simply unacceptable. His notion of dinning is to fit “food with souls.” In his words, people should be eating the pure, not articulated, food. In this way, can people be closer to the nature. Unfortunately, it is basically impossible to establish such habit nowadays. In any cities, or even towns, many different restaurants can be found: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, and even Mongolian. However, these restaurants’ foods are nowhere near the requirements of Fukuoka. Since the foods are somehow changed from the “pure” states. Especially in LA, where all the master chefs in different cuisines can be found, it is much easier to go astray from the conditions described by Fukuoka.

    Due to the extravagance of food, many people have become “foodies,” as Fukuoka said. The foodies are the people who belief that they understand the art of dinning, and are able to distinguish bad food from good ones; more importantly knows how to enjoy eating food. However, Fukuoka states, “modern people have lost their clear instinct and consequently have become unable to gather and enjoy seven herbs of spring.” (The One –Straw Revolution pp.136) He believes that the “foodies” don’t understand the art of eating food fully, where “Food and the human spirit are united.” (The One –Straw Revolution pp.136)

    Meiji Era was an important era for Japanese food culture. They started consume beef and many foreign restaurants started to operate in cities of Japan. Before that, the Japanese people refuse to eat beef because they think cow are animals that help with farming. Interestingly, after the Emperor ate beef in the public, the Japanese people accept the notion and it was the period when Japanese cuisine goes astray from what Fukuoka suggested. It is also an era when the modern people will never turn back to enjoy “pure” foods.


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