Natural Food

15 Sep

A “foodie,” a term coined by Paul Levy, is used to refer to food lovers, people who are obsessed with food and everything about it, ranging from its taste to its preparation to its science. Foodies will engage in such activities as watching food-orientated shows on television, reading food magazines, and of course eating food. Unlike most gourmets, they are amateurs, not professionals with refined taste buds. Foodies just have very deep passions for food and seek to constantly expand their ever-growing knowledge of it.

Fukuoka Masanobu believed in natural farming, or “do-nothing” farming. He did not believe in using technology for farming. Rather, he reasoned that since farming was doing fine before we started “improving” it with technology, there is no need for this technology. Farming through nature, according to him, is the best method.

According to Fukuoka, “Food is life, and life must not step away from nature.” By adding all these extra and artificial items to food, foodies are stepping away from nature and thus stepping away from life. Fukuoka believed in keeping food in its natural state. All the unnecessary add-ons to gourmet dining take the food further and further away from its natural state. For example, while Fukuoka would eat seaweed in its natural state, today’s society tampers with it in all kind of ways, adding extra ingredients and preservatives to it.

Instead of “improving” food with new technology and making it look prettier, Fukuoka believed that we should stay simple and focus on what is really important: the food in its natural state. However, Fukuoka’s stance on this issue does not appear to be shared by the majority. Elaborate dining and tampered-with food is an important part of today’s society, enjoyed by many people. This aspect of society will live on.


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