Blog assignment 2–a meal of “nature” or “taste”

14 Sep

250-300 words that tell a story about a meal or food that meets criteria of “nature” or “non-distinction” established by Fukuoka Masanobu, or “taste,” as suggested by one of the writers on “distinction” (Bourdieu, Kanagaki Robun, Cwiertka).

Another way of asking this–you only have to answer ONE of these:

  1. what is Fukuoka’s critique of a “foodie”?  Either in the Meiji era, or now. Or…
  2. why should we think the “foodie” in the Meiji era is significant, even if he is not loved, emulated or celebrated?


  1. to read, locate, then paraphrase or define a concept in a single sentence;
  2. to select a piece of evidence that illustrates the concept.

Posting in general: when you are logged in, you will see 2 pull-down menus.

  1. Choose the one titled “my blog.”
  2. Initiate post: pull down to “new post.”
  3. Text and tags: fill in your text, and add whatever tags you personally want.
  4. Category: file under the CATEGORY “academic,” sub-category “assignments,” hyper sub-category “blog 2.” Then punch “publish.” You’re done!

Your posting:

  • should have: a title that is not “Blog assignment 2.”
  • should be posted by 11:00 am Thursday September 16. Remember, when you edit or revise on the blog, the time-stamp is the LATEST editing. So make sure that if you are inspired to make a word change or otherwise edit, you are finished editing by 11:00am.
  • should be accompanied/signed by an avatar that represents you (not the randomly generated quilt patch).
  • should also be printed and handed in, IN CLASS on September 16. Single- or double-spaced is fine; 12-point type is standard. However, if graphic design is part of your posting, by all means use it–just make sure it is readable. Images should have captions and sources–they need interpreting too!
  • should be proof-read and spell-checked before posting.

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