2nd blog assignment–a meal of taste or “wild nature”

13 Sep

On Tuesday, I am going to hand out a hard copy of the second blog assignment, which is due Thursday.

As you will recall, because those darling seeds required one day longer of TLC, everything is pushed back a day.

Basically, it is the same in form: posted BEFORE 11:00am on Thursday, and handed in, also, in hard copy/print.

I will also hand back the FIRST blog assignment. That was a fun read–you all have had interesting lives.

For assignment #2, rules about lateness are the same, but will be enforced. After a grace period (gracious!), when I did not take off points for not doing exactly what the assignment said, the clock will be ticking as of 11:00am Thurs. If you have not yet uploaded and linked a personal avatar to your name, it ticks. If your on-line version OR your print version is not turned in, it ticks. This was part of the last assignment, but a lot of people didn’t pay attention to the basic instructions. This is a really easy assignment, designed to let you get points for being creative, personal, having a “voice” in view of the textual readings. So you should read the directions; they’re easy, and ignoring them makes you lose easy-money points!


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