Pizza with a Twist

7 Sep

I’ve met one person in my life that has never had pizza; otherwise, everyone gets the typical cheese on marinara sauce with one or two toppings from most likely Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or Papa John’s. Being a vegetarian, for me, and probably for other vegetarians, the same vegetable toppings and standard menu can get really old, especially when pizza is same in every country! However, a couple years back, my aunt made the most ethnic and different pizza I had tasted. Instead of kneading plain dough, she added cumin to the dough—a spice almost always added to Indian food—and then maintained the standard pizza style by adding a medium thin layer of marinara sauce. Then on top of the marinara layer she layer this Indian green chutney—made of coriander leaves and few other spices— that we had leftover from eating an Indian dish called pani puri. Lastly, she topped it off with cheese, roasted garlic pieces and eggplant and a few other vegetables. It sounds like an odd mix, but the pizza had an Indian kick to it and even Pizza Huts in India didn’t come up with anything that unique. Nowadays, in places like California Pizza Kitchen, there are Mexican style pizzas, Japanese, Italian, and other ethnicities, but I have yet to see an Indian style pizza. She had just manipulated the standard pizza style to create something more Indian and it was so good because it wasn’t the bland taste of dough, sauce, meat, and vegetables, but instead there was the taste of so many spices. I love pizza and without doubt, that is my favorite “flavor” of pizza.


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