Instant Noodles

7 Sep

Instant ramen noodles are a huge part of the typical college student’s life. They are cheap, convenient, and ready to eat in a mere three minutes. I myself currently have five six-cup packages of instant ramen noodles lying in my dorm room. Unfortunately, while cheap and convenient, this popular food item is very bad for you. While the noodles are fine by themselves, all the extra things added to them have next to no nutritional value, too much sodium and MSG, and are full of bad chemical additives. However, actual nutritional value can be added to these instant ramen noodles and they can be made into a new healthier and tastier dish.

For example, I once transformed my ramen noodles into a tasty and nutritional salad. First, I added the flavor packet to the noodles and boiled them in hot water. However, throwing out the flavor packet would have resulted in a healthier result since the flavor packet contains all the bad chemicals and MSG. Once the noodles were boiled, I removed the water and placed the noodles on a dish and waited for them to cool. I then looked in the fridge and checked for food that I could add to the noodles to create a salad. I found several items and proceeded to add them to the noodles. I added some leftover chicken from the previous night, crutons, chopped tomatoes, other vegetables, and ranch dressing. I had succeeded in turning a pack of simple ramen noodles into a delicious salad. Although it was less convenient than just eating the ramen noodles by themselves, it was much tastier and more nutritional.

In addition to what I did, there are several ways to turn your ramen noodles into something better. For example, you can make ramen vegetable soup, ramen stir fry, etc. You just have to have some vernacular creativity.


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