Improvised Fried Rice

7 Sep

Ever since I can remember, fried rice has been one of my absolute favorite dishes, especially when it is made by my mother. I would hungrily watch her cook rice, eggs, BBQ pork, and green onions together in the wok while adding hints of fish sauce and pepper, knowing that I was about to have a grand meal bursting with various flavors. Despite my unrelenting love for this dish, my mother does not cook it very often since she enjoys cooking different types of food. One day, I realized that I have not eaten it in a long time, so I decided to take action in order to satisfy my hunger for fried rice.

It was a beautiful, warm summer day in San Diego. Instead of going out and soaking up some sun, I was indoors at my cousin’s house playing video games with him. By noon, the strenuous labor of mashing buttons with our thumbs had tired us out and our stomachs were growling with hunger. As growing teenage boys, we possessed appetites comparable to that of Paul Bunyan’s and agreed we needed a wholesome meal to satiate our hunger.

With my mother’s traditional fried rice recipe in mind, I opened my cousin’s refrigerator hoping I would find all the necessary ingredients. To my dismay, none of them were there but rice and eggs. And so, my cousin and I decided to improvise. We gathered a myriad of possible ingredients to use in our improvised fried rice. Once the wok was heated up, we began tossing in all sorts of ingredients. Our final dish consisted of rice, eggs, sautéed beef cubes, black forest ham, bacon, broccoli, carrots, red onions, and lettuce with a generous helping of BBQ sauce on top of it all. We popped open a couple cans of soda and feasted on our unexpected masterpiece.

Although the fried rice we made was completely untraditional and did not measure up to my mother’s recipe, it was still delicious.


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