A Twist in College Living

7 Sep

    During the time I live in North America, I have noticed that the Chinese food in North America is absolutely disastrous. The rice is simply unacceptable. The side dishes are extremely out of the taste that they suppose to be. Strangely, many of my American friends actually love to have meals from stores like Panda Express, a restaurant that I never went after first try…After I struggle through many other North-American-Chinese restaurants, I decided to cook for myself. Interestingly, many of my friends just gave up food like French Fries, Hamburgers, and Pizza and my house is always full of people when it’s dinner time.  

    Unfortunately, when I arrived at USC’s dorm, there are no cooking supplies in the whole building. I suffered through the first week dining in the school restaurants. However, I did borrow a steaming machine from my friend that can basically heat up food without it becoming too dry. Later, due to shortage of supplies, my roommate and I came up with many methods to reduce as much cost as possible. For example, the water that washed rice can be reused to wash the dishes stead of using dish washer which consume too much energy and produce to much chemical wastes. After a week of practice, we discovered, after calculation, cooking by ourselves can greatly reduce the cost of dining either outside or inside the campus, and we can be part of the Earth-Saving Team.

Pin Hsein (Patrick), Lee


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