Red Stewed Pork

6 Sep

I’ve enjoyed cooking all my life, watching and learning from my parents in the kitchen and various professional chefs on TV. I find it relaxing and love seeing raw ingredients transform into delicious and enticing dishes. But when I cook, I prefer to keep things simple and use a couple of techniques I’ve learned through the years – stewing or roasting meats and roasting or stir-frying vegetables. One of my favorite recipes, which I picked up from my mother, is an Asian-inspired stewed meat dish, which consists of pieces of pork shoulder meat stewed in a blend of soy sauce, rice wine, garlic, ginger, and sugar. Called “Hong Shao Rou” in Chinese, the dishes name literally translates to Red Stewed Pork in English.

But now that I’ve experienced the demands of college cooking, I’ve realized that this technique of cooking meat is extremely versatile and easily prepares meals enough for an entire busy week. I rarely have time to cook on weekdays, so I prepare an entire pot full of some sort of meat stew on the weekend and eat it throughout the week. I’ve already made the dish with pork shoulder, but I’ve also experimented with a beef pot roast, which I made into a more traditional American pot roast dish, and beef shortribs, to which I added a tomato, some carrots and potatoes to make into an entire meal.

Everything so far has turned out great, and I’m very happy to have found a simple and adaptable “recipe” that I can use to feed myself this year.

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