Overwhelmed with Leftovers?

6 Sep

Many people often have an abundance of leftovers from various meals. My family is one of them. Whether it be at a restaurant or just a meal at home, we always end up with too much food at the table. Sometimes this turns into a headache when it starts to fill up the refrigerator; so much that food actually falls out when the door is opened. For many, this would be an absolute headache. But not for us.

Thankfully, I am not a person that doesn’t really care too much about what food I eat. Even though I am able to discern between good and bad food, as long as what I eat is somewhere in the “alright” category, I am fine with it. In the interest of not wasting food, one thing my mother always did is to have a weekly leftover meal. I still do this in college and find it absolutely amazing.

As a general rule of thumb, as long as none of the food has a large amount of cheese or is sweet and sour, it’s fine for the meal. Basically, all the food is put together and heated up in a chicken and beef broth. Then, if necessary, rice, noodles, or pasta (without pasta sauce) is added for extra carbohydrates. For example, when I had this back at home, I could see the rice I had on Monday, bits of steak from Tuesday, leftover Asian vegetables from Wednesday, lamb chops from Thursday, and the roasted chicken from Friday.

To be absolutely honest, I don’t mind having this meal as it clears up the refrigerator in one quick go. In fact, I think it tastes pretty good.

However, if you ask me whether I would recommend this to someone who loves exceptionally good food? My answer would be a simple no.

-Jeremy Wong


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