No Wine, No Problem

6 Sep

I’ve grown up with the Food Network being an easy fall back when in need of entertaining television during those mundane, non-prime time hours. Sadly most of my favorite shows involve recipes too creative and varied for me to follow through with, but I count exposure as always a good thing. This exposure goes hand in hand with my experience cooking with my dad who loves to come up with new recipes and ideas for cooking to shake things up now and again. However, for college he taught me his staple dishes and suggested using garlic powder instead of fresh garlic cloves, dried herb oregano instead of fresh oregano, etc. to make things easier for a sophomore with their own kitchen for the first time.

There was one key ingredient that proved hard to substitute for an underage student: wine. Even a half decent wine is great for cooking and is a trusty staple in my dad’s repertoire for making tasty sauces.  So early this week when I wanted to make his delicious meatball recipe I was stuck without any wine to use. Still I was not discouraged from making my meatballs and decided to follow through with it, wine or no wine. Thinking back to my dad’s resourcefulness and my long time obsession with the Food Network I worked up the courage and headed over to Superior grocery store. Realizing the need for a sauce, I purchased beef stock and vegetable soup in an attempt to create a base flavor. I also decided I should use as many fresh ingredients as possible instead of taking the easy route of garlic powder etc. After preparing and cooking the meatballs I added the beef stock and and some soup to the pan to let simmer. Still not satisfied  with the consistency of the sauce I added a bit of flour to thicken the liquid. Once my roommates wandered into the kitchen lured by the smells of my efforts I knew I had a chance at a getting by without my dad’s trusty wine. The meal itself proved my thoughts correct and now wine is no problem.

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