1 dinner made into 3 dishes

6 Sep

I have always been a lover of food. As the saying goes, I live to eat.

One night when a friend was visiting Los Angeles, she requested to have dinner at Lawry’s. Because her flight was late, we went there at around 9pm. Each of us ordered a normal cut but the chef gave us all huge slabs of beef which we assumed is because they need to sell all of their meat before the night ends. Obviously none of us could finish it all so we all packed up our beef and went home.

I enjoy cooking and do not mind spending an entire afternoon in the kitchen but I have always like to stick to recipes and not experiment with food so I like to cook with fresh, uncooked ingredients. However with so much leftovers, I decided that I need to cook them with some varieties and not just heat it up again. With that leftover meat, we used the bones for soup and added tomatoes and potatoes. The soup was flavorful and the potatoes absorbed all the oil from the beef. Afterwards, we took out that bone for my friend’s dog to chew. For the first meal, we used half of the meat for stir fry with left over sautéed mushrooms. For the second meal, we cubed the other half and topped them on a salad composed of romaine, avocado and crumbled eggs. The meat was what made the salad truly filling.

Those slabs of meat lasted us 3 meals and a special treat for my friend’s dog. We wanted to make the most out of the meat and some left over mushrooms so we did not simply fry the meat again but tried to make a few different dishes out of a nice slice of prime rib. Each dish that we made was delicious. It is a wonder with what you can do with some leftover meat. I would definitely do it again.


One Response to “1 dinner made into 3 dishes”

  1. lechat23 September 6, 2010 at 7:27 pm #

    Wow, impressive. I really like your idea on how you divide the leftover beef to make three portions of dinner. Great! Enjoy reading it! 🙂

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