Student-style fried rice

3 Sep

When one thinks of fried rice, images of Asian restaurants generally come to mind.  It’s quite common to eat fried rice which contains beef, pork or chicken, in addition to scrambled egg and an assortment of vegetables.  However, for college students cooking for the first time, a comprehensive dish of fried rice featuring vegetables and meats may seem prohibitively expensive for frequent consumption.  Thankfully, a little bit of thinking outside the box can help here.

The first night my roommates prepared dinner, plenty of my years-old perceptions of food were shattered.  My greatest shock wasn’t when my roommate put rice and noodles in the same dish.  (He said it was because there weren’t enough noodles to go around.  I wonder why we bothered with the noodles at all then.)  It was when he said he was going to slice up some chicken and put it in the wok with the rice and noodles.  I wondered, when and how did we come across cheap chicken?

Well, it turned out the chicken would come from our Dino Nuggets.

A bite full of chicken nuggets, rice, and broccoli sounds like a strange combination.  If you taste it, you’ll probably think it an unusual texture as well.  However, it was an adequate dinner which covered the food groups.  Our filled stomachs certainly didn’t complain.

Thankfully, we have refined the recipe for cheap fried rice.  Sliced hot dogs have turned out to be a much more scrumptious type of meat in fried rice than defrosted, sliced breaded chicken.  Packs of hot dogs are certainly cheaper to buy than packages of fresh raw meat.



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