Blog assignment 1–due Tuesday Sept 7

2 Sep

“Introducing iDish, a new concept by iPad enthusiast shiinaneko that transforms the device into a versatile dinner plate.” Source: Pink Tentacle.

Here is the assignment sheet.

Blog assignment I

This is what it says:

Blog assignment I–a meal of vernacular creativity

250 words that tell a story about a meal–maybe a favorite meal–where you or someone else took something ready-made (a recipe, a set of ingredients), and made it personal or “customized.”

Posting in general: when you are logged in, you will see 2 pull-down menus. Choose the one titled “my blog.” Pull down to “new post.” Fill in your text, and add whatever tags you personally want. File under the CATEGORY “academic,” sub-category “assignments,” and punch “publish.” You’re done!

Your posting:

should have: a title that is not “Blog assignment I.”

should be posted by 11:00 am Tuesday September 7. Remember, when you edit or revise on the blog, the time-stamp is the LATEST editing. So make sure that if you are inspired to make a word change or otherwise edit, you are finished editing by 11:00am.

should be accompanied/signed by an avatar that represents you.

should also be printed and handed in, IN CLASS on September 7. Single- or double-spaced is fine; 12-point type is standard. However, if graphic design is part of your posting, by all means use it–just make sure it is readable.

should be proof-read and spell-checked before posting.

Vernacular creativity

•            is about creativity coming from bottom-up users, not just “planners.”

•            values ideas as well as goods/materials–how-to and technique are important.

•            may (or may not) draw on ideas like organic, local, ethnic, national, traditional, community.

•            takes a ready-made mass object and does something creative with it that differs from received wisdom.

•            may follow rules that come from practice or oral culture, not written culture.

ex–: planting seeds NOT in rows (rows are made for mechanized planting).

ex–: something you do with leftovers; something you do with dorm food; something someone does with hospital food; comfort food.

•            may challenge received or conventional notions of “taste.”

ex–: horumon  (ホルモン ) “grilled guts,”  or offal. From Kansai. First popular among Korean immigrants/forced laborers in Japan in the colonial era. Now, haute cuisine in New York (and elsewhere)! See


This assignment is about generating and personalizing ideas and putting them out to the community of the class. If you follow the guidelines, you will get full credit. However, late papers/postings will have 1/3 of a grade deducted per day. For example, an A will become a A-. Remember, due dates are DEADLINES, the LAST possible minute to do something. You may want to finish something earlier, and get on with the rest of your to-do list.


OH are 2-3 today (Thursday) but in my REGULAR office, since I already saw you in the garden today…

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